Daniel Martin IT Consulting

Intelligent Purchasing
Resourceful Service

I’ve been selling on eBay for over the past ten years.  I know all the available channels for purchasing tech equipment, and I know the risks and rewards associated with each one of them.

Small offices have the unique challenge of being unable to fulfill their technology needs.  I can fill this gap quickly and cost effectively via scheduled visits and or emergency remote assistance.

It is my goal to help you to spend LESS money on keeping your technology running.  I save you even more money by focusing support time during non-peak hours throughout the day.

Small Office Support

In corporate America, I learned that so many IT Technicians simply aren't driven by a higher purpose, and their attitude and quality of work massively suffers.  There is no reason that this can't be changed.  Through my service, I want to plant a new seed in this world.  A seed that adds meaning and fulfillment to small businesses, and (by extension) to humanity as a whole.  Let's work together to help make this happen!


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielmartin11

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